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Maggie Siner

Please contact J. Cacciola • Gallery W for pricing and availability.

Artist Bio

An expert contemporary painter in every sense, Maggie Siner studied at the Art Students League of New York in 1968, graduated from Boston University (BFA) and American University (MFA) and has lived in France, China and Italy. She spends her winters in her hometown of Virginia, and the rest of the year is spent abroad, painting and showing her work. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally for over 30 years and is in hundreds of private collections around the world. 

Maggie Siner paints what she truly sees. Though some artists may use photographic references for their representational work, Siner is dedicated to capturing the essence of what is in front of her and capturing beauty in the mundane: "I try to translate the eye's fleeting perception of the world around me into the permanence of paint. This is not an imagined or photographic process, it is the actual way the eye catches light in the act,” Maggie explains in her artist statement, “To paint is to re-enact, to choreograph inside the confines of a rectangular frame, to select and simplify from the complexity of stimuli, until the lived experience is clearly on the canvas.” In simplifying what she sees, Maggie Siner creates paintings that, though they appear delicate and full of movement, have an element of solidity which reveals her mastery of geometry within her work. 

Along with painting, Siner has taught on the subject of painting for many years, and has given dozens of lectures on painting theory and technique. As an educator, her work reflects the need to convey a message in the simplest and clearest way possible. Her still life paintings may evoke bittersweet memory, or her graceful studies of the human form, the way the fabric of a skirt or robe sways with the movement of its wearer, may teach us something about how we perceive even the simplest objects in our lives. 

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