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Carole Pierce

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Artist Bio

Carole Pierce was born in Dallas, TX. She earned her BFA in Painting at the Southern Methodist University in 1972, and her MFA in Printmaking at the California College of Arts & Crafts in 1994. She currently lives and works in San Anselmo, CA. 


Carole Pierce’s paintings are influenced by the natural world. Her work focuses on climate and the changes that occur with the weather. Water, land, and sky, and fire are all elements that she finds fascinating and incorporates into her work. The works are both abstract and objective in creating the sensation of nature rather than just recording through observation. While some paintings are of landscapes, others are abstract paintings that capture the sensation and bodily experience of the seasons, weather, and light. Both landscape and abstract paintings exude a romantic atmosphere: many of her landscape paintings capture scenes in dusky light, and her abstract paintings are reminiscent of blooming trees and autumn foliage. 


Carole Pierce has exhibited extensively throughout the United States. She has won numerous awards, including a Printmaking Fellowship at Kala Institute, Monotype Award at the BACA 20thAnnual Juried National Exhibition Part II: Works on Paper, First Place Honors at the Annual Print Exhibition at the California College of Arts and Crafts, and the Monoprint Award at the National Academy of Design. Her work has been collected by Bill Gates, Harvard University, Merril Lynch, Ambassador Flanagan from the United States Department of State, Charles E. Pierce, JR(Director of the Morgan Library), and Goldman Sachs International Collection. Pierce has been represented by J. Cacciola Gallery since 2003.

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