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The Spring Invitational

April 5 - June 21, 2019

Please contact  J. Cacciola • Gallery W for pricing and availability.

Press Release

J. Cacciola • Gallery W is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition: The Spring Invitational. The show will run from April 5 – June 21, 2019 and will feature works by represented artists Maggie Siner, James Lahey, and Tom Palmore. 


We welcome back Maggie Siner to the gallery with much excitement to show a sampling of her most recent edition of paintings. Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Siner went on to study at the Art Students League of New York, and went on to obtain her BFA from Boston University, and her MFA from American University. Maggie Siner’s work is classically inspired. She paints exclusively from life, using direct visual perception to translate human visual experience into material form. She is a master of paint, and her apparent loose and gestural handling belies a powerful geometric structure. This most recent body of work was done during her extended-stay in the South of France during the summer of 2018.


James Lahey is a Canadian artist living in Toronto where he maintains his studio. He completed his BFA at York University in 1984 with studies in Art and Architecture in Italy (1982) through a joint program with York University, Toronto and Lowell University, Massachusetts. In 1986 he obtained a certificate from the O.M.A. in the preservation of Art and Artefacts. Upon graduation, James negotiated career and vocation, including positions at The Art Gallery at Harbourfront, The Power Plant, The Art Gallery of Ontario and Bruce Mau Design. Since 1998 James has concentrated exclusively on his painting practice.


For more than 35 years, Tom Palmore has painted animal portraits with a reverence for his subject and a masterful technical prowess.  His ultra-real portraits of animals in oil and acrylic offer a unique and often comical juxtaposition of technical literalism and surreal, imaginative context. Palmore’s witty and whimsical portraits take our human instinct toward personification of animals to an extreme. When asked what his paintings are about, he says, “They’re about other earthlings that we share this planet with…and about our relationship with them.”  Palmore’s paintings have a masterly eloquence that elevates his subjects’ status and renders them in oil and acrylic with the dignity, even personality, suggestive of his view of their full partnership on the earth with humans.


For more information on upcoming events, press inquiries, additional images, and information, please contact us at 212-462-4646 or email

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