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Maureen Chatfield

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Artist Bio

Growing up on Long Island as an only child with two working parents, Maureen Chatfield often found herself alone much of the time. Art at an early age would become her companion. She started drawing and by 14 was painting in oils. As a teenager, she fondly remembers going on a school field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and being taken by the works and styles of Manet, the Impressionists, and Picasso. She moved to Manhattan and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, then to the Art Students League and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. In 1985, Maureen moved to Hunterdon County New Jersey with her husband and two sons and continued to paint.


Maureen's paintings are a response to the forces that shape her emotions. Those responses translate into visual forms, color relationships, and memories from her past. Maureen continues painting smaller works with oils, and uses acrylics with her large modern work enabling her to build multiple layers without mudding her palette. The process is one of constant experiment and change building up layers of color, form, and images still revealing the underlying pentimento. Maureen does not plan her paintings; they are discovered through an exciting and invigorating evolution of action.


Of her three current series, Ether is the more interior, emerging directly from what is in her head. The Landscapes series arises from direct experience. The Out of My Mind series draws on past experience and personal narratives. Together, these series forms a body of work that transcends topicality and embraces an ever-expanding category-defying approach to art that reflects her desire to spread beauty and joy through the transformative power of the creative process.

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