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John C. Traynor

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Artist Bio

John C. Traynor spent his early years in New Jersey. His art studies began at Delbarton School in Morristown New Jersey; from there he went to Paier College of Art in New Haven Connecticut, starting at the age of 16. He studied figure painting at the Art Students League of New York, as a merit scholar, with Frank Mason, as well as landscape painting with Mason in Vermont. John followed his studies with Mason by spending a year studying sculpture in Italy.

Having completed his studies by the time he was 20 years old, John was determined to become a professional artist. As an unknown artist John started selling his paintings at outdoor art shows, in the Northeast where he was able to meet collectors in person. This exposure opened opportunities with galleries. Traynor has won numerous awards including the Frank DuMond award from the Hudson Valley Art Association and the Medal of Honor from the Salmagundi Club of which he is an honorary member. In addition, John is also an inductee into the Delbarton School Hall of Honors and attained the level of Copley Master from the Copley Society of Boston.

John has made numerous painting expeditions to Ireland as well as trips to Holland, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Austria, Israel and many locations across the United States including Hawaii. John currently resides in southern New Hampshire in a quaint New England village with his wife Liz. Surrounding their home are many gardens that inspire John’s paintings.

John is a skillful painter of every genre: landscape, still life and portraiture. His unique blend of realism and atmospheric impressionism set his work apart. Many people can recognize a “Traynor painting” by its brush strokes and unique feeling. Part of his success is connecting emotionally with others through his work reminding people of moments in their life or memories of the past.

What inspires John is nature and what he sees around him whether it is the flowers from his gardens, people in his life or the landscape outdoors. John’s interpretation of his subject matter is influenced from artists of the past. His use of light and atmospheric effect is reminiscent of the old master painters such as the American tonality painters and the French Impressionist artists. There is a richness and fullness to his work that is ‘old world’ yet contemporary with his unique style.

Past Meets Present

Solo Show

March 2 - April 6, 2018

Bernardsville, NJ



...This exhibition brings a fresh perspective to the historical significance not only of Modern art, but of contemporary artists such as John C. Traynor, who keep these traditions alive through their own work. There are no clichés in Traynor’s work; only unadulterated aesthetic beauty left simply to be enjoyed and embraced for its quiet, unassuming simplicity...

Structures and Personality

Solo Show

October 21 - December 1, 2016

Bernardsville, NJ

...This exhibition features a collection of 36 of American Impressionist John C. Traynor's paintings from his travels throughout Europe. Luscious landscapes, lively scenes of everyday life, and gently lit city-scapes perfectly convey Traynor's masterful approach...


Harnessing The Universe

Solo Show


November 20 - January 9, 2016

Bernardsville, NJ

Serena Bocchino’s oeuvre extends out from the world as well as deep within it. She rides the rhythms of the external and internal universes, harnessing their cadences in abstract works that are as physical as they are visual. One can “see” the action of her hand, arm and body in the lines and shapes surging across the surfaces of canvas or paper. Within those actions, and their visual expression, is an understanding of the universal cycles of the transient moment becoming the expanding infinite...

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