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Tom Climent

Please contact J. Cacciola • Gallery W for pricing and availability.

Artist Bio

Tom Climent was born in 1970 in Cork, Ireland. He earned a BA in Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design in 1995, and a MA in Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design in 2011.


Climent’s paintings are recognizable by their intense hues and carefully constructed formations. The recent paintings are more structured and recognizable than his previous abstract paintings. The paintings have more clarity as architectural structures, but are also combined with abstractions in the form of organic brushstrokes. Colors softly melting into one another are juxtaposed by solid planes forming shapes and forms, with thin, angular lines marking the firmament for many of the architectural structures in his work. The bold, striking colors in his paintings are inspired by summers in Valencia he spent with his father as a child and by Malaga near Southern Spain where he lived on and off in recent years. The result is a series of paintings that are subtly suggestive and leaves much to the viewer’s imagination.


Climent has exhibited mainly in Ireland and the US. Previous solo shows include “Final State” at BlueLeaf Gallery, “MA by Research” at Wandesford Quay Gallery, and “Harvester House” at South Tipperary Arts Centre. His work has been collected by public and private collections in Ireland, the UK, Spain, USA, and Canada. Awards include the Tony O’Malley Award, the Victor Treacy Award, Department of Foreign Affairs Travel Award, and Featured Artist at Cork Arts Fest and Cork Arts Trail. Tom Climent has been represented by J. Cacciola Gallery W since 2013.

2017 Winter Invitational

Group Exhibition

January 13 - February 25, 2017

Bernardsville, NJ

Summer Discoveries

Group Exhibition

July 8 - September 9, 2016

Bernardsville, NJ

The title of this exhibition, Summer Discoveries, is meant to highlight the fresh and original perspectives of the artists collaborating. This exhibition challenges our mundane perception of painting, interrupting the stock-photos of the mind to provide a fresh new perspective. When you think of landscape after visiting our gallery, we hope you think of the depth and richness of color and pattern that can be achieved to reflect nature. When you consider still life and figure paintings, think of expressive, neutral-toned oases of form and color...

Harnessing The Universe

Solo Show


November 20 - January 9, 2016

Bernardsville, NJ

Serena Bocchino’s oeuvre extends out from the world as well as deep within it. She rides the rhythms of the external and internal universes, harnessing their cadences in abstract works that are as physical as they are visual. One can “see” the action of her hand, arm and body in the lines and shapes surging across the surfaces of canvas or paper. Within those actions, and their visual expression, is an understanding of the universal cycles of the transient moment becoming the expanding infinite...

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